Betting Tips with Bet at Home

Bet at Home is an information providers in the field of sports betting has caught up significantly in recent years. By now, about 4,000 bets daily. Of these, 130 live bets here. Why choose Bet at Home customers is primarily due to the odds. These are quite high, this also applies for the top European leagues. Therefore, one can find very high rates that exist in any other provider in the Bundesliga.

Large betting offer

In terms of betting offer is Bet at Home must not hide from other vendors. Bet at Home has a wide range of football betting. This exotic leagues are operated. However Bet at Home relies not only on football but also offers many fringe sports betting in his program. So the example, customers can also bet on darts and rugby. That’s why at Bet at Home also during the summer break always interesting bets on offer. The Specials are mainly found again in the big leagues. By 2010 Bet at Home had no live bets on offer. But within just three years, the company was able to catch up in this area and offers daily now 100 live bets. In the foreground at the live betting is mainly the football. Unfortunately Bet at Home offers no live streams.

High key rate

The key rate at Bet at Home is quite high with 93 to 95 percent. With this key, you can compare Bet at Home roughly with Bet365. In this case, the quota distribution is very balanced. This means that neither the Bet at Home favorites yet the preferred outsider, but that the maximum rates vary over again.

Many promotions

At Bet at Home you will find no bonus program, as with other providers. However, the company offers via Newsletter repeatedly to special promotions. They are usually cash back offers. New customers can also look forward to a deposit bonus. The website of Bet at Home is very clearly designed and therefore recommended for new customers. In addition, the availability of the Site is extremely high and the load times is short.

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